Specification for achievement icons for ACstats

Technical information

Achievement icons should be optimised for two versions of the same icon. Minimal colour palette for achieved state and grey-scale for non achieved. Required format for the icon is SVG. Image/canvas should be the size of a square. Lowest on screen size is going to be 48x48 px, so the icon should look good in lower resolutions. It would be lovely if icons were delivered one icon per file, maximising canvas usage (think batch export).

Style and design

I am open for any design suggestions to achievement icon set as long as they integrate into the site well. Please make sure the icons follow the same or very similar theme to one of the website. Also, the achievement area packs a lot of visual information into a tiny area, thus gradients, blur and busy things should be kept to minimum. So, the icons should be simplistic and have no overwhelming or complex shapes or rainbows of colour. Icons should use a unified colour scheme, which, if possible, would be lovely if it were supplied in addition to the icons.

Before you go head on, please create a few test variations for a chosen icon from the list of achievements, which would show what direction you are going to take in artwork design. Green-lighting / review is to prevent wasted effort.


Here is some inspiration, which might help in the creation of a new icon set:


The license should allow ACstats to use and, if needed, modify the icons.

List of achievements

Achievement name Description Ideas / Inspiration
Aim bot Given for 4 consecutive headshots.
Epic flag save Given for killing an enemy with your flag less than 5 cubes to their flag.
Crash dummy Given for testers, contributors and devs.
The Impossible Proper name TBD. Given when match accuracy is over 100%.
Impressive Given when match accuracy is over 60% and not more than 100%.
All Top5 places except rewards Given for being top5.
Slaughter WiP. given for killing the whole enemy team in rounded matches.
Running Man Given for having 0 score, no frags, no deaths and being alive at the end of a map.
Paint Bucket Given for killing a shotgun user with a knife.
Last Stand Given for killing an enemy with 2hp.
Riot Master WiP. given for winning 4 consecutive knife vs knife fights.
Collector Given once player has at least one of each other achievement.