Server Contribution Programme for ACstats

So, you want to start contributing your server's data to ACstats? Great! Here's what you need to know: the ACstats project tries to bring the best to the community, thus high quality services must be maintained. While a lot of time is given to polish the website, servers must "radiate" quality, as well.

To keep the quality at its best, there are some requirements in place: If you want to contribute your server to ACstats, you have to make sure that you satisfy all the criteria above. If you do, or you do not quite satisfy the conditions and there are no hard-blockers (e.g. non Linux host), you should contact our Google group (might need registration) or SKB personally.

In our Google group you will be asked to show us your map rotation (map times should be kept default, 10 min. for FFA and 15 min. for team based modes). Unfortunately, we have to check your maprot, even if you claim to have no 'crap maps' in your maprot. During this, you might be asked to provide the custom maps to us, in order to update our server list thumbnail gallery. Once you get accepted, you will be obliged to notify the Google group about the changes to your map rotation and in some cases provide the maps, as well. It might be a hassle, but we have to make sure people see "Missing Image" as little as possible in the server list. Existing maps that just get an update do not need the notification, as long as they are named the same (and look the same) as the previous version.

Note: this file is likely to change in the future, as requirements change.