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2015-10-29 18:24:02
Alive, not kicking.
2014-10-28 15:41:52
Playground went down due to power failure. The filesystem is fubar.
2014-08-05 19:50:50
Critical issue has been resolved. Daithi's ISA server is now reporting, however it won't show up on the servers page, just yet.
2014-07-25 17:45:39
Having some issues with the host. No servers are currently contributing, sorry.
2014-01-05 10:48:53
New and improved-but-looking-the-same ACstats welcomes you to 2014!

Contributing to ACstats

ACstats is certainly not the smallest project in AC community. While this is great, this makes it harder to have some areas of ACstats as polished as I would like them to be. On top of that, resources for ACstats are limited. Here is how you can help:

Server Contribution

If you are thinking of adding your server to ACstats project, you should read about our server contribution programme.


Graphic design is the place most (if not all) programmers struggle. We just don't know how to make things pretty! If you are a skilled artist, and can create artwork for ACstats, please check out the design "spec" for achievements. Also, you can contact us on our mailing list on Google Groups. This includes your ideas you would like to contribute. (Also, while the icons are not done, I am completely open to reward renaming suggestions, if they convey the message any more clearly.)

Testing and Feedback

Starting from play testing to bug hunting - everything needs to be checked. While I do try to avoid bugs, some still get left behind.

There will be some play testing sessions in the future; if you want to participate, you should hang around on IRC in #assaultcube on quakenet.org. I (SKB) am the person to track for play testing. Sessions will be not frequent, however, once the session starts, it will consist of very small test cases, thus patience (and free time) is required.

If you find a bug in ACstats game servers or the website, you should report it to our mailing list. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible, so that I can track the bug more easily. However, if you find a bug containing a vulnerability, you should contact me (SKB) personally, as our mailing list is public.

Financial Support

There is no current drive for donations. If you insist on helping financially, however, you should contact SKB.

Spread The Word

If you like ACstats, let your friends know. Play on our servers. Get other people involved. Go wild! Just no spam, be cool. Also, don't forget to follow our page on Google+.