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2015-10-29 18:24:02
Alive, not kicking.
2014-10-28 15:41:52
Playground went down due to power failure. The filesystem is fubar.
2014-08-05 19:50:50
Critical issue has been resolved. Daithi's ISA server is now reporting, however it won't show up on the servers page, just yet.
2014-07-25 17:45:39
Having some issues with the host. No servers are currently contributing, sorry.
2014-01-05 10:48:53
New and improved-but-looking-the-same ACstats welcomes you to 2014!

ACstats - a statistics page for some AssaultCube servers

ACstats is not your regular AssaultCube ladder, in fact, it is not even a ladder. This is a project designed not to rank players, but provide enhanced information and high-level game-play for more competitive players. The project began on Tuesday November 3rd, 2009 (according to the first log entry). Since then, it has been one of my side projects, which has been developed rather slowly. Well, it has been three years and the site still has almost no features (actually it does have quite a few).


If you want to be one of the top AssaultCubers on the front page, you have to satisfy eligibility requirements. Currently, you have to cross a 100 kills margin to be considered for being in the top5. Please note that in the future the requirements will get tougher as player numbers increase.


Yes, as you may have expected, the contributing servers run a modified AssaultCube binary, as most of the features are, unfortunately, not available when using the official server release.
The ACstats modifications provide:
  • Accuracy tracking:
    - Per match in game
    - Overall on site
  • Per gun kill and accuracy (WiP) counting
  • Rewards and medals (WiP)
  • Simple imperfect antilag measures
  • Statistics are updated as soon as you leave the server!
  • And best of all, no data leaks! (as far as I am aware)
  • (soon) Map statistics / trivia


  • SKB - Project Manager, the man with many hats.
  • Marcous - Main play tester.
  • pwnage - Former hosting, some play testing.
  • jamz - Some editorial.
  • gRamps - Current reward icon set.
  • Snoosnoo - A few reward icons.
  • Brett and burp - Patience in play testing.


If you have any ideas, suggestions or want to point out a bug, feel free to:
  • email us at acstats@googlegroups.com (public mailing list)
  • find me (SKB) on IRC @ gamesurge.net or quakenet.org. Bear in mind that I am a busy person and, therefore, may not be at the computer even if you see me online. (or I am sleeping, as I leave my computer on almost 24/7)
So, if you want to contribute to the ACstats project, you should read about server contribution and contact SKB.

If you like this project, you should read how you can contribute. :)